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Niall Centric One Shots

Niall Centric One Shots

156K Reads 4.9K Votes 48 Part Story
Courageous_Boss By courageous_boss Updated 3 days ago

Includes all ships Niall Centric.

Requests open.

Goal : 150k reads.

niamstylinsontrash niamstylinsontrash Sep 19, 2016
can you do one where niall gets drunk because someone broke his heart and the boy help him out thanks!!
foolforziall foolforziall Dec 20, 2016
this is like the fifth time ive read  this and it gets better everytime
_DarkIrishNight_ _DarkIrishNight_ Jul 30, 2016
Ugh I cried thanks alot! Plus l liked this story already😢😍😳
Born_4_the_internet Born_4_the_internet Jun 20, 2016
I don't know why but this reminds me of something that happened in my life and how everyone hurt and laughed at me. But there was one person who cared about me. But I don't love her in that couple way ya know just as a friend who actually saved me from doing something I would've regret
abNormalHoran abNormalHoran Mar 23, 2016
Could you do a Narry hurt fic. Niall got hurt and then was taken to hospital
Spendtimesithme Spendtimesithme Dec 15, 2016
Your an awesome person!! You inspire me and I love ur writing