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strawberries (yoonmin)

strawberries (yoonmin)

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kookachu By cactuskook Updated Feb 03

they say dares can make you do anything. 
what if a dare could change your life?
making the mute kid speak wasn't the challenge Yoongi thought he'd be facing. 

| mute Jimin | | high school au |

I would say mom is that you but she left me for drugs just like my dad 😂😂😂😂🙊👌🏼👋🏼
taekookfoeva taekookfoeva Dec 17, 2016
YEAAAAA BITCHEEESSSS NAMJIN FOR THE WIN (and Leo valdez from percy Jackson of course)
eilyndaue eilyndaue Feb 03
90 % of the comments: MOM IS THAT YOU!?
                              10 % of the comments: Hey mom how's it going?
                              0 % of the comments: this was a gr8 chapter
taekookfoeva taekookfoeva Dec 17, 2016
Hahahhahahahah I have money hahahaha one time I was on the aircraft next to the pilot we where going to Peru then I said turn around let's go to Korea Hahahhahahahah
My vmin feelings are in fireeee ;-;❤ *Bultaoreune, FIREEEE~~* Hihi :3
btsrockz btsrockz Jan 25 sister used to call my mom tat after she went to college but as a joke not