strawberries (yoonmin)

strawberries (yoonmin)

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kookachu By cactuskook Updated Sep 06

they say dares can make you do anything. 
what if a dare could change your life?
making the mute kid speak wasn't the challenge Yoongi thought he'd be facing. 

| mute Jimin | | high school au |

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I clicked on this because it's another story from you, I like Yoonmin, and I loke strawberries. You can tell from my username lol 😂
Finally, our little sunshine Hobi doesn't have to be alone!
                              I honestly ship Vkook more, but I'm so tried of Hoseok being alone.
But you are a God, Father Louis Williams Suga Adams The Third
Hey is cutting gonna be in here you know depression leads to cutting