How We Met

How We Met

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That One Girl By ForeverEternity1717 Completed

"Stop staring, creep"

'Were the first words I heard you tell me

A glare was the first look you made to me.

A slap to the face was the first time you touched me.

Nothing was normal about how we met.

But, I wouldn't change it for the world'

Garroth Ro'Meave was a well known celebrity, well mostly well known.
Aphmau Lorde wasn't ordinary, she liked to stay up late playing video games, and didn't pay attention to who's who, she rarely left the house, but when she did it was either by force, or sometime after midnight.

What happens when the outcast meets the infamous celebrity?

I do not own Minecraft diaries, nor the characters.
Please enjoy.

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I would totally do that but I've never imma put that only bucket list
OrganicChemicals OrganicChemicals Nov 24, 2017
i was hoping she would be like 'in never threw it'like in heathers,no just me?Aright imma go crawl back into my corner of shame
lovelyisntit lovelyisntit Sep 30, 2017
Probably a little kid who films 3 AM videos at every possible place they think off for views.
LeObsession666 LeObsession666 Aug 16, 2017
I laughed I cried I threw up in my mouth.             666 points if you get that reference so goodbye stranger........I need to stop
lovelyisntit lovelyisntit Sep 30, 2017
Way to be real creepy Garroth, thinking of a girl's eyes before falling asleep.
JefflynFan101 JefflynFan101 Dec 23, 2017
Lol am I the only one rooting for Jefflyn? Guess I'm alone like usual X3