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Don't. [ BTS Hoseok x Reader ]

Don't. [ BTS Hoseok x Reader ]

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준호 By jojoonie Updated Jul 18, 2016

Whispers behind your back. Of course you knew about them, wasn't it obvious?
At school it was always the same.
At home nobody cared. Like there was anyone to listen to you anyway.
All you wanted was to end all this, take the last breath.

Who would've thought your life gets saved by a boy who you don't even know that well.

Lily_0258 Lily_0258 Oct 05, 2016
You're one of the only authors I know that include suicidal thoughts but make a separate note for disencouraging it. Thanks for that. ^_^
😂😂 whatever was on that paper to made her' regret reading it made her emotional, I've would've made the girl eat the damn paper.
Junghope_Trash Junghope_Trash Dec 14, 2016
A broken fist 
                              A broken girl
                              She drew with silver but it came out red
SoundSpace18 SoundSpace18 Nov 26, 2016
I think I like this already. Don't worry about your English though, aside from a few grammatical errors, you're actually really good. ☺️👍
Lily_0258 Lily_0258 Oct 05, 2016
Hey, your English ain't actually that bad! And I love your story, too~! ❤️