My bully kidnapped me  (ZAYN MALIK FANFIC)

My bully kidnapped me (ZAYN MALIK FANFIC)

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Lizzy McMillen By LizzyMcMillen Completed

Skyler graw is 17 years old shes bubbly, fun, carefree well thats what she was like before her mom died and her dad stared beating her but thats not all she get beat up by her bully's Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles her life is a mess but is just keeps getting worse when her bully's kidnap her.
Will she escape?

flauntsies flauntsies Nov 08, 2016
I'm sorry but I'm just pissed at how she's portraying abuse.
                              It's painfulyl obvious the author does not know ANYTHING about it, and it's soooo fückingg offensive.
imsobubbly_17_38 imsobubbly_17_38 Jun 09, 2016
Hey everyone did you know that zayn malik when he spells his name it's zain
Matoko-Senpai Matoko-Senpai Oct 24, 2016
Do you not know what grammar is? Or at least punctuation or spelling...?
Magaroonie Magaroonie Dec 29, 2016
Wow, so many punctuation marks! The spelling is, oh my! That grammar is just!-
How about instead of apologizing when you know the word are not correct you try Editing
The_CrAzY_DeMiGoD The_CrAzY_DeMiGoD Dec 15, 2016
You know sweetie...I think you should have a few basic qualifications before you write a story......Like maybe, I don't know, know English?