The Diary of Aaliyah Anderson

The Diary of Aaliyah Anderson

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The day has finally come! "The Diary Of Aaliyah Anderson" is now available nationwide! 
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Meet Aaliyah Anderson, a beautiful, intelligent, ambitious thirteen-year old young woman ready to take over the world. It’s expected too, with her mom being a superstar broadcast journalist and her older brother Damon being an acclaimed writer and star sports player. 

Aaliyah lives a fantastic life, but still has to deal with tons of hardships and avoid many obstacles along her path to achieving her short term goal of finally making it to high school, what she feels as being closer to her dreams of being a successful business woman. 
Aaliyah has to deal with overwhelming family issues such as the divorce of her parents and the result of her “father’s” unfaithfulness, infidelity and a family secret that turns her world upside down. To make things even more pressing, she lives in the ruthless city of Willowsfield, statistically the number one most dangerous city in America. The city is where senseless community violence is the norm and life expectancy is low.  With the pressure to succeed and make it out of the ditch that Aaliyah calls her hometown, she still has to deal with more problems that test her patience.   
With its realistic characters, life-like setting and dynamic message, “The Diary of Aaliyah Anderson” is an entertaining and sure fire conversation starter of the positives and negatives surrounding the millennial generation.

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Queen_Xcx Queen_Xcx Jul 06, 2016
I can already tell I'm going to love this book. I love how you shine light on the black people they don't show on tv. The responsible black mothers and fathers, the black scholars, the black leaders. Thank you for this
ericamichelle456 ericamichelle456 Feb 07, 2017
This message is soooo Powerful, and just by reading this, I can tell that you are a great author and this book will be wonderful.
RandallBarnes RandallBarnes Jan 07, 2016
@Jacara97 Great! I can't wait to hear more from you. Don't forget to follow me! :)
- - Jan 07, 2016
You speak the TRUTH! I'm honestly getting tired of hearing and seeing everything  twerking and how Black woman are being objectified by their body shape or stereotypical types in Music videos!/:
cute_af_ cute_af_ Oct 05, 2015
Love the story so far! My name's Aaliyah and I'm 13 too!  xxx
Aaliyah_Savage Aaliyah_Savage Dec 29, 2014
This is so true that's why I'm so obsessed with thing that came before me because well our generation sucks I feel bad for myself and people that ate growing up behind me at least I have my phone and tablet to escape the everyday hardships of being a true black young woman