Killer Sex (short story)

Killer Sex (short story)

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Valentina's Pov.

Cain: Faster faster you little vixen, I'm cumin , mmm.

V: Did you enjoy that ?

Cain: God yes.

V: Good because thats the last thing you'll ever remember.

and with that I slice his throat. 

The name is V, I am the number one assassin in the world, everyone is after me but no one can catch me, for that there are two reasons.

One, i'm a witch I can change my appearance in seconds, teleport in out and many other things.

and Two, My real identity is Valentina Valour Supreme Court Judge and my husband is Axel Jones, the director of the FBI, how we met well thats another story for another time. I don't love him, I just use him to protect V but he is good in bed. Speaking of sex, my next target is here...

Read to find out what happens next, this book is going to be dark and sexy, enjoy my sex loving fans!

- - Aug 06, 2016
sweetest way to enjoy then kitchen, luscious ingredients and a needy hot babe 4 a wife! OMG Missmarie u r so quick to make it easy- strumming their instruments perfectly!!
- - Aug 06, 2016
wow poisoned.....sweet hit 4 u r quick Missmarie57 LOL - love it.