Soul Eater Kids (Soul Eater fan fic)

Soul Eater Kids (Soul Eater fan fic)

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Marissa Bristow (Pen name) By I_LUV_SOULEATER Completed

Now this Soul Eater fan fic is about the Soul Eater cast accidentally turning into toddlers after Blair's mysterious "moisturizer" Accidentally get's all over them! And now they have to track her down to get her to change them back! And what happens if Medusa finds out?! Can the Soul Eater crew survive this mayhem?  Or will they be forced to grow up all over again! I assure you this story is funny, entertaining, action packed, and enjoyable! Not meant to make much sense!

Cover by us, I_LUV_SOULEATER! 

IMPORTANT:  The idea of "Crona is a male in the anime but female in the manga." is false. Both official translations from Funimation and Yen Press use male pronouns and noted to not be the sex of the character.
Atsushi Okubo stated himself that Crona's sex is unknown. So our story uses the male pronouns as well. But that doesn't mean we think Crona is a guy. Also: The only ever known kishin is Asura. All people/monster things who call "kishins" in this fanfiction aren't actually kishins. We're just using the term because we don't know what else to call the people whose souls have become corrupt and are close to becoming kishins. And don't have better names for the monsters the antagonist of this fan fiction has created. However, souls caught by students who are from those close to becoming kishins in the anime and non-canonical game are referred to as "Afreet eggs" or "Kishin eggs". In the manga the people themselves are just called "Evil Humans".  This book might switch between the terms randomly.

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Fairy1018 Fairy1018 Jun 05, 2016
I took a Girl or Boy quiz and Crona was on it I was like
                              HEY THIS IS NO FAIR HIS GENDER IS UNKNOWN >:(
UsuallyUnorthodox UsuallyUnorthodox Aug 04, 2015
Idk about everyone else but that's honestly one of the best pictures I've ever seen.
Riosmn Riosmn Apr 29, 2015
How did you come up with the idea of having the cast of S.E. turn into toddlers?
ilovepeeta1010 ilovepeeta1010 Nov 21, 2014
u spelled maka albarn wrong and professor Stein in the cast members
Neko_Ciel1 Neko_Ciel1 Jul 17, 2014
uhhh :( lol jk I love the story so far keep up the good work k ;)
death_the_leo death_the_leo Jul 17, 2014
hey sorry for "self promoting" but i just started a death the kid fan fic and it would mean a bunch if u could check it out maybe give me some feedback. the first 2 chapters r already up and im working on 3