Dipper X Depressed Reader

Dipper X Depressed Reader

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Janeth By jane_4 Completed

Y/N was 13 years old.
She got sent to Gravity Falls, which she was with her dad, and her dad is the most kind person, while her mom was a bitch to her.

But one day her life changed.

Suicidal (thoughts)

I'm so so sorry but when it read Stan Pines I read it as 'Satan Pines' 😂😂 I am so sorry
My favorite song is Smoke and Mirrors,or.Dollhouse.Anyone with me on that?
duhitzlivvv duhitzlivvv Jan 27
I'm kinda dank meme emo and yes that's an emo there's a lot more than one emo
fnafspringtrap101 fnafspringtrap101 Nov 21, 2016
I go to hot topic all the time my friends don't cause its to dark but what eves
I like how I just bumped into her and now we're gonna become "great friends"//:,]
chlo1555 chlo1555 Aug 07, 2016
Love music and is emo😓nope that's not a little like me
                              That is me lol