nudes - ed

nudes - ed

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here you go, lol

holy fuck samie!! this is ethan!! wth r u doing sending nudes? 

ethan !! holy shit... 

- in which a girl mistakenly sends nudes to her best friend and it ends up spiraling the once friends into a fairly intimate relationship.

Did u copy this book off someone bc I've read exactly this first chapter but by another writer.
suavedolans suavedolans 4 days ago
quickly? girl it took me 25 minutes to get the perfect angle for my ass photo to grayson that he'll never see.
aesthetic-grace aesthetic-grace 6 days ago
omg this guy I know from playing hockey straight up slid into my dms asking for my snapchat. 2 weeks later I got dīck pics from him 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
wonfuckinghoe wonfuckinghoe 6 days ago
lol i don't do nudes but mad respect for people with that confidence
Ally_dolan Ally_dolan Aug 10
I thought he was talking about her butt or boobs or something 😂😂
tori_conroy1345 tori_conroy1345 5 days ago
Honestly I send it bc I'm confident and I like to show off my body😂😂