nudes | ethandolan

nudes | ethandolan

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here you go, lol

holy fuck samie!! this is ethan!! wth r u doing sending nudes? 

ethan !! holy shit... 

- in which a girl mistakenly sends nudes to her best friend and it ends up spiraling the once friends into a fairly intimate relationship.

I wonder if E said that to Gray when his nudes got leaked😂😂😂
Holy shít my name is kinda like that except my first name is Lauren and my middle is jade tf?!!?!!1
You accidentally sent nudes to the wrong person daa? What do you mean what do I say😂
tastyethan tastyethan Nov 14
i have a guy best friend he probably would be mad at me too, he's over protective over me (':
-heavenly -heavenly Mar 09
says the girl that's about to send nudes to the wrong person
I thought that said boobs and I was like, boobs? Aren't they already on your chest