Septiplier Smut Shots

Septiplier Smut Shots

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Nimrod By warfstache-nimrod Updated Nov 06

Lots of smut!

Some of these chapters might be quite long, but you guys will probably enjoy that fact because it only means more smut for all you lovelies out there! 18+ only please!

Don't steal my shit either!

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when I read this and yes I am a girl my crotch kept going up XD
What I'm imagining:
                              Jack: *pulls his boxers down*
                              Jack's 'thing': BONG
I am so confused did Mark just have a pink mustache on or was it actually Wilford
I love when Jack tops
                              I feel like if they were together (which they never will be but oh well), they would both take turns to top
Imagining things always has my bottom half tingling like crazy <3