I Love You

I Love You

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Laura's pov.

Hi, I'm Laura Marano I'm 17 years old and I'm a cheerleader. I'm also kind of popular! My two best friends are Kelsey and Maia. There on the cheer squad with me too. We are at my house getting ready for the game today.

Maia: I'm here!!

Laura: Jeez finally what took so long?

Kelsey: Fucking with Andrew again?

Maia: I wish! No traffic is horrible.

Kelsey: You should have stayed the night. Like I did!

I giggled. I got dressed in my cheer uniform and I put my hair in a pony tail. Kelsey and Maia finshed getting ready and I put on my makeup.

Kelsey: So is coach letting you do your basket toss tonight?

Laura: Yep we're going to practice before the game though. So Maia, Kelsey make sure you catch me.

A basket toss is a stunt. It's where I jump up into their arms and they basically Toss me in the air and catch me in a cradle.

Maia: I won't drop you. But make sure that Liz helps you.

Liz is my back spotter and Kelsey and Maia are my bases. I'm also the most flexible on ...

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