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Paper Flowers [Featured Novel] ✔️

Paper Flowers [Featured Novel] ✔️

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Selena Brooks By selena_brooks Completed

It's senior year, and Erika Soto has been rated a nine every week.

After a catastrophic summer that tore her friends apart, the last thing Erika needs to worry about is another layer to Aquino High's complicated, ultra-exclusive social pyramid.  At a school where secrets and weaknesses are taken advantage of every day, the senior boys have now decided to rate the girls every week.  And if the rating on your Post-It note is low, then you might as well say goodbye to everything.

At first Erika's as swept up in the competition as everyone else.  But as her life starts to unravel and her perspectives on everyone she thought she knew change, she has to make a quick decision between living at the top of the pyramid and living with herself.  And even if she does choose to take a stand, who's to stay she'll succeed?  Can the girls on top really overthrow a system that's years in the making?

Erika seems genuinely miserable..I feel sorry for her. But Liam's suspicious, I think he likes Erika and is looking for an excuse to date her ;)
lagunebleu lagunebleu May 17
God, I would only be in school for six months if we got a day off every time it snows
beingLucy beingLucy May 17
What if it's like , you're a 9 cause I'm the one you need thing😂😂😂 thy would be so cheesy but cute
02ally 02ally May 02
I like her it's refreshing to have a character who isn't all sunshine and kind like the others although they usually have a bad past
Eh she must live in a state where they don't get much snow. I think its so funny when places like that shut down because of a little snow.
02ally 02ally May 02
You could try hiding in the school and keeping an eye when the boys put the post its and see who puts them on yours