Paper Flowers (Pretty Plastic People) ✓

Paper Flowers (Pretty Plastic People) ✓

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Selena Brooks By selena_brooks Completed

Erika Soto is one of those pretty plastic people.  She's been rated a nine by the senior boys every single Monday, and at a school where secrets and weaknesses are taken advantage of, a high rating is a ticket to the school's elite.  But there's more to Erika and the Aquino High royalty she surrounds herself with: there's regret, flaws, and a single night that rips them all apart.  And after years of clawing her way to the top, for the first time she can see things clearly: she's done with only being pretty and plastic.

As her life starts to unravel and her perspectives on everyone she thought she knew change, she has to make a quick decision between living at the top of the pyramid and living with herself.  And even if she does choose to take a stand, who's to stay she'll succeed?  Can the girls on top really overthrow a system that's years in the making?

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deadxcity deadxcity Dec 27, 2017
Damn, this story is like a slow expose book. It's not exposing how the main character is connected to everyone else until the "right" moment.
deadxcity deadxcity Dec 27, 2017
Okay, never mind, they absolutely do know. They're all catching this work.
SimplyAndyx SimplyAndyx Oct 02, 2017
Damn these people sure put a lot of effort into's almost impressive.
SimplyAndyx SimplyAndyx Oct 02, 2017
SimplyAndyx SimplyAndyx Oct 02, 2017
And ur a 🖕. Screw this system. I don't need a fvcking number.
Don’t remind me I barely scraped by last semester with an a in ap calc bc