Unforgivable Lacerations

Unforgivable Lacerations

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Ella Louise By Ellouiise Completed

Continuing from New Moon's breakup, Bella struggles through a tough depression while facing the harsh battle of her parents passing. As an orphan, feeling more alone as she realizes everyone is leaving, Bella must attempt to find the point in all of this. What is the purpose of life? Why continue when all she faces in pain?

The pack, disgusted with what they are, seek revenge on the Cullens, and who better than the weakest link to make a punching bag? Isolated, weak, and alone, Bella has to fight with everything she has- just to stay alive. Human versus wolves. Ten verses one.  

No family. No friends. No point. 

What will Bella do? 
Will she find Edward? 
Will this be a happily ever after? 

Bella's life is a ticking time bomb that's just waiting to explode. 

All rights to Stephenie Meyer.
WARNING:  This book contains depression, suicide, and mature violent abuse. Read at own risk.

  • abuse
  • alice
  • bella
  • cancer
  • carlisle
  • charlie
  • cullen
  • death
  • edward
  • emmett
  • escape
  • esme
  • forks
  • jacob
  • jasper
  • pain
  • recovery
  • rosalie
  • swan
  • twilight
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jesus on a boat you're so goddamn good at writing i'll be right back let me just delete all my books and drafts and restart my life