Love, Lust and Alpha Mates

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Tia isn't your average teenager, she speaks her mind and doesn't take shit from no one. Moving states to get a way from harm, two godly dangers arise this time... threatening her heart.
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Oh my gosh..... no taking off clothing please im only so young!!! innocent kinda young very need to fallm asleep hearing that no.
OMG!!! I have been trying to find this book EVERYWHERE! I LOVE this book!!! I read it a long time ago but couldn't find it!!! 
I find it ironic that she likes silver considering she's a werewolf 0.0
the reason why i never had a boyfriend...okay more like a excuse  but still I'm proud #foreveralone
Good story, but please correct your spelling mistakes... And please continue.
has any one eles read cant even think straight by skenekidz.when I sae Evander I got so happy