Malibu Love

Malibu Love

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antonela By FakingCamren Updated Oct 16

Lauren just graduated from Political Science in Columbia University when her boyfriend Nick offered her to spend summer in Malibu with him, his brother Mark and Mark's girlfriend.
What happens when Lauren meets Mark's girlfriend and realizes it's actually her ex girlfriend Camila?
For three years she has been avoiding Camila due to the toxic relationship they used to have back in high school. What will happen now that they have to live together for two months?

Will Lauren fall in love with her again? Has she ever even stopped loving her? Can they be just friends? Will it work out this time?

Shoutout to @SLOTHATO for the lovely cover :)

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This is my first time and I ALREADY lost my weave my weave is GONEE *doras voice* can you help me find my weave??
Tete100 Tete100 May 14
Just started reading this and already snatched lol......I'm straight and I this does get really annoying.
These people get angry at homophobia then they go on hating on straight couples. Seriously guys.
geenie4you geenie4you Oct 28
Can I comment on the title and head pic like YOU RIGHT AF THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME AND SHARING THIS WITH US , I'm ready
geenie4you geenie4you Oct 28
So I was already bald because of you and now you decided to snatch my soul too. The audacity 😩😩
geenie4you geenie4you Oct 28
But lol true af never thought I would say this but that's heterophobia 🙅🏻 😂 if you do not love the banana please respect the banana 🙏🏼😛👏🏼