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Zodiac Friends

Zodiac Friends

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•ΔΠIMΣ ZΩDIΔC• By AniZodi Updated Sep 05, 2016

⭐️Just a story with anime characters as the zodiac signs. This story is about how the zodiac signs live as friends.⭐️

Capricorn: Oh god!
Gemini: So how exactly do we start this?
Aries: We start with me! Welcome to my world people, were I am the king! 
Leo: Oh please. 
Sagittarius: Guys can you please stop playing around.
Capricorn: Just as Sagi says! 
Virgo: I am the only one that can call him Sagi! 
Cancer: Guys people are actually seeing this
Aquarius: I don't think they are listening 
Cancer: I can't deal with this, Scorpio your turn.
Scorpio: ........
Signs: ..........
Scorpio: ..........
Aquarius: Oh just pass it to someone else!
Scorpio: Passes
Pisces: My turn! Yay! Hmmmmmmm, what to say, what to say......
Signs: Just say something!
Pisces: I love all kinds of animals! (Passes to Taurus)
Taurus: I love all kinds of FOOD! 
Cancer: Well, we all hope you enjoy this........
Capricorn: Omg! Libi is missing!!!
Aries: Maybe she went to space, she always wanted to see Aliens!
Cancer: Insane story.

oyvey- oyvey- Mar 27
Nope, I refuse. I'll pretend Cancer has like long brown hair with blue eyes ((:
Inuyasha7172003 Inuyasha7172003 Sep 02, 2016
My best friend is a Capricorn, just saying, even though this stuff is probably related to the picture
whycantiwhistle whycantiwhistle Sep 11, 2016
oh my god this actually is soon true a Virgo was the cause of a short break up between a good friend and I, and I recently had a bitch fight with one and may I say that I slayed the hoe hard 😊
Nocturne_shine Nocturne_shine Nov 24, 2016
My lucky number is 15 (don't know why but it gives me fortune ≥3≤) 
                              But the others are true ≧∇≦
                              I love more the wind than the earth, but I have to say that the earth suit me more ^.^
_Junko_Enoshima_ _Junko_Enoshima_ Sep 02, 2016
WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH............. The day I get along with a Libra is the day Donald trump dies. No. I mean I don't have anything against them except EVERY DAMN LIBRA I HAVE MET HAS HATED MY GUTS. MY OWN DAMN MOM IS A LIBRA AND SHE HATES ME SO NO
nepturanus nepturanus Oct 07, 2016
Yeah, nope...
                              The only thing that's practically true is the faithful one...