Dear Diary - BaekYeol.

Dear Diary - BaekYeol.

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"I love you, Chanyeol, so much...if only you knew."


"He's my friend. Nothing else. I'm not gonna let him get to me."


"One day, Chanyeol's gonna find it, Baek. He'll find out about your past."


In which Byun Baekhyun has feelings for a guy that sits next to him in Biology, Park Chanyeol, and writes them down in a little red book.

It's only a matter of time before Baekhyun either confesses, or faces up to Chanyeol.

An angel that just wants to be romantically loved.

Unaware of when it's game over.


Started - [13.08.16]

Finished - [

Inspired by @EXObubz , creator of Chanbaek 10080.

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Random person: So you stalk those Korean guys
                              Me: I prefer the term "information gathering" because yes I do gather info bout them
MijloBoi MijloBoi Aug 26
I got flashbacks from 2014-16 when i was a markiplite… im jungshook
Uhm okay hold on first off how the fucKLES DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS and secondly is my bby okay
oh_my_chanbaek oh_my_chanbaek Nov 08, 2016
I'm gonna name my diary Markimoo.....oh wait it's a journal not a diary....diaries are too girly for me