My Billionaire Neighbour from Hell

My Billionaire Neighbour from Hell

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Ayla D. Viktoreva (Mad Lady) By WhiteSwordsman01 Updated Oct 06, 2016

He's been running from his past - she's been running from her future. When you mix ice and fire, bad stuff happens and it was same with Nikolas and Alis.

When Alis gets a new neighbour who does nothing but cause her trouble - she sets herself a goal to make him move out as soon as possible. Unfortunately for her, Nik knows how to strike back.

Will they manage to win this war among themselves, or will sparks of attraction get in the way?

Will update regularly until there is Radish app available on android. Then I'll update the whole book after three months. More chapters are available on app in Apple store, and you can download it on the iOS appstore here:

Or just type "Radish fiction" in your app store.

Available on iOS only for now. Android and web version will follow soon! Which is good for you - more free chapters before you get android app to use ;)

ufballer12 ufballer12 Feb 16, 2016
Wait how do you subscribe? I'm trying to get the hang of the radish fiction app
PattyTate6 PattyTate6 Feb 23, 2016
😣😞😭i can't get radish yet i have an Android and it's not in Google play store I'm sooooo sad!
foreverloka foreverloka Feb 16, 2016
Darn that means I have to wait!! Nooooooo!!!! Ugh😵😵😭😭😭
Gulmina46 Gulmina46 Feb 23, 2016
I cannt find radish in my play store . Because i dnt have i phon
prfctrose prfctrose Feb 24, 2016
will the further story be posted on wattpad or on radish only?
Pure_White_Soul Pure_White_Soul Feb 15, 2016
Hey ,wants to read your story but don't have iphone .. 😢😔