Continue {Solangelo AU}

Continue {Solangelo AU}

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unclegem By unclegem Updated Jul 21

There is no way I can describe this without making this sound like another dumb high school AU. But it's not. I promise you that. Twists and turns and tears and fun. That's how I roll. 


Nico di Angelo. The kind of kid you stay away from. Rough exterior, with a soft spot for his two sisters, Hazel and Bianca.
Will Solace. The kind of kid everyone knows. He's a goofy medical nerd with a big heart and no reason to talk to Nico. Until tragedy strikes and paths cross. Until opposites attract and friendship sparks. 

Until everything falls.

{740 in Fanfiction thanks guys how did this happen love you}

Almost cried when I remembered about Bianca but I'm in a restaurant and I'm getting weird look
Hey Bianca can you Stay Aliiiiiiive for like one entire fanfic?
Hogwarts_Demigod_ Hogwarts_Demigod_ Oct 24, 2016
Well, I'll sure try. I have read stupid clichè fanfictions where Nico Thalia and Percy go total nuts over Sally Jackson's cookies, so I doubt this will be all that bad.
-thefallenangel- -thefallenangel- Nov 04, 2016
For some reason I expect Bianca to be a Solangelo shipper (that would be awesome 🙌🏻)
I read crazy fanfics where Percy cheats on Annabeth with Thalia so I'll be okay😂😇