Love for Satan (Maou Sadao x Reader)

Love for Satan (Maou Sadao x Reader)

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Myra Ruby Phantom By Myra_Phantom Updated Aug 15, 2016

 I finished tying my hair into a nice ponytail and looked at the mirror. I was wearing a cute (f/c) tank top and a pair of black shorts. I grabbed my phone and walked out of my room. 

        "Hey girl!" I said bending down to pet the  as she excitedly ran over to me. She sniffed my fingers curiously and I raise my hand up. "I can see how these humans are in love with these creatures..." I mumbled to myself and grabbed the phone took from the police station. I walked out of my apartment and walked down the street. I looked at the peaceful blue sky and remembered how I fell from the sky.


        "Ahhh!...Ow!" I screamed as I fell out of the sky and onto the hard ground. I lifted my body off the ground, ignoring the pain in my lower region. My vision was blinded by bright lights, making it slightly difficult to see. I heard a loud noise making me jump back as something speed past the location I was in. I looked at my body and saw that looked different. My body

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B1ueB1ood B1ueB1ood Jun 11, 2017
Wish i was the bike
                              YOU WERE ALL THINKING IT DONT LIE
I swear when I was watching the show for the first time I could just smell the desperation coming off the tv and my friend and I were like "it's coming from Chiho she's so desperate"
BilldipSinner BilldipSinner Dec 30, 2017
It’s been two years, I don’t think the author is going to update
fuckcharlie fuckcharlie Mar 09, 2016
C rying i love this so faR AA I CANT WAIT FOR A 2ND CHAPTER-
Maddest_Hatter_Ever Maddest_Hatter_Ever Jan 13, 2017
Means I'm wearing everything black like in my real life black is so awesome
Theamazingcreations Theamazingcreations May 08, 2016
This book is really good so far! Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what's in store!!