Neko Mao (Naruto fan fiction)

Neko Mao (Naruto fan fiction)

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Mao from three years old lived together with Orochimaru in Akatsuki and was trained by all of them. On Mao's sixht birthday Orochimaru decided to send the girl to live in Konoha for her own safety. Will Mao stay loyal To her Orochhimaru-sama, or will she decides to stay in Konoha and finds a love here?

"Don't forget Orochimaru-sama that you always will be my master and if you told me to bite I would bite as hard as I can, if you told me to kill I would kill everyone in your way, if you needed a shield I'd always become one." I said with a serious face"And if you needed my help, call for it and I'll always come for you."and with those words we parted.

P.S I do not own Naruto!

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