Luna? Oh please I'm a soldier (Kingston/Visconti Dynasty series)

Luna? Oh please I'm a soldier (Kingston/Visconti Dynasty series)

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Karliee Kingston is daughter of Alpha Braydon Kingston, and a high rank officer in the marines. She takes great pride in being a soldier and won't let anything stand in her way. She returns home from her deployment for her brothers alpha ceremony as well as wedding to the Kings daughter.

All the greatest alphas from all around the world are coming to this including the Visconti brothers from Persia. All unmated alpha males hope to find their mates. But what happens when  Karliee finds that she is mated to not one but all 10 of the very possessive, dominate Visconti brothers.

Will she end up submitting to them? Will she let them stand in her way and her future? Or will her fire be enough to finally match these brothers that are so used to getting what they want?

  • alpha
  • alphas
  • luna
  • mates
  • romance
  • soldier
TatumTyler TatumTyler Oct 08, 2017
Is it just me that fine it weird that they were friend at the beginning of the story and he did say she was an older sister to him
Is that like it usually in like other stories the mate is all like "MINE" and stuff but all he asked about was sparks ?!?!?!?!!!??
ahhiiii ahhiiii Apr 26, 2017
I knew I had to read this book when it said she had 10 mates
DeathThePoptart DeathThePoptart May 28, 2017
Idk why but im fangirling rn. Imagine the look on her brothers face 😂
StephanieSmith193 StephanieSmith193 Feb 21, 2017
Why is she mated to ten Alphas they can born at the same time so why and how
ApOwen ApOwen Sep 22, 2016
Lmao. 10 guys. 10!!! Poor girl.
                              They're gonna wreck her. That or she has the hidden potential to become a nympho...