when she came | Spencer Reid [1]

when she came | Spencer Reid [1]

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hella savage By fireinhermind Updated Dec 17, 2016

❝I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.❞ - Edgar Allan Poe

in which a high-functioning psychopath and a socially awkward genius learn to accept who they are despite what they are.


AddisynDaKilla AddisynDaKilla Mar 29, 2016
Who doesn't have Facebook nowadays?  Oh wait, you don't.  Nerd.
otterchels otterchels Sep 23, 2016
hey Reid, don't know if you forgot but she's a psychopath, just thought I'd remind ya
AddisynDaKilla AddisynDaKilla Mar 29, 2016
That sounds like someone I know.  Hmm, wonder who it could be.
AddisynDaKilla AddisynDaKilla Aug 02, 2016
Should they really have let a psychopath into a crime scene?  Did that seem like their smartest option?  Really?
FangirlElf FangirlElf Aug 11, 2016
Are they still in Charlotte? Because Charlotte is a really big city