STAR WARS REBELS || Her Wings Of Fire

STAR WARS REBELS || Her Wings Of Fire

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-:- [sh]anakin skywalker -:- By shanSWfan Updated Dec 02, 2016

From an ember came a spark. From that spark came a flame. And from that flame came unquenchable fire, burning across the galaxy.
Hope is ablaze, and dissidence is springing up everywhere from Core to the Outer Rim. But there are those who would seek to put it out for good: namely the agents of the Dark Side behind the government of the Empire and their disciples.
After the demise of the Imperial agent know only as The Inquisitor, the title of leader of the sinister Inquisitorius must be passed on to the most powerful of those under its jurisdiction spread across the galaxy. As a power vacuum opens, a new Grand Inquisitor rises from the shadows of obscurity she has lived in for most of her adult life.
The rebels aboard the Ghost, as well as the informant Fulcrum, whose true motives are shrouded in mystery, will be hard-pressed to escape the evil that awaits them under the form of Darth Vader and his deadly protégé, the new Grand Inquisitor.
But all is not as it seems. Fulcrum and Inquisitor Sorena have a past that would best kept under wraps in these troubled times, but devastating secrets will come to light when a mission to rescue an Imperial defector goes horribly wrong...
Sorena's wings of fire unfurl more and more with ever step she takes, and soon she will be forced to make the uncertain jump over the edge of everything she's ever known. And she will find the strength to fly... Or she will fall so far that all hopes for redemption will be lost forever.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Star Wars Rebels (except in my head). The reason you can be sure of this is that Luxsoka has not yet been declared canon and there aren't more Anidala books on the market. 

Also, THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UAAT. I understand there could be some confusion and if you look at it the right way it could, but UAAT is a series all to its own :)

DragonWorks170 DragonWorks170 Mar 14, 2017
Lux!!!! Hi my friend, whats with the lightsabers? I'm worried about what has happened to 'Soka now.
silversparx727 silversparx727 May 01, 2016
                              WHAT THE EVEN
                              this is going to be interesting
                              *adds to library*
marshmallowfudgecake marshmallowfudgecake May 02, 2016
Oh my gosh. I got to the end and I started hyperventilating. This is going to be so good!
Dark_Jedi_ Dark_Jedi_ Feb 21, 2016
Child, you failed to tell me you had a new story. You're fired.
0GalaxyWeaver0 0GalaxyWeaver0 Sep 19, 2016
*cant comprehend what's going on* Wh-wha- whattttt isssss goinnnngg onnnnnn
MysteriousAllegory MysteriousAllegory Feb 15, 2016
                              Once again, you've captivated me with another very well-written story. Awesome chapter!!! :)