MaNan FF-"Light Amidst The Dark"

MaNan FF-"Light Amidst The Dark"

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Rising Phoenix By PaintingPages07 Updated Jun 10, 2016

Manik and Nandini's lives get entangled with each other in a series of unexpected events , giving them a rather unusual begin of their love journey . As they realize their feelings for each other and seemingly let their lives get etched with one another , fate has its own plans. Follow their trail and let their story unveil.......

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction inspired by the famous youth show series which aired on MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan! It is a mere attempt of a fan fiction and any part of this writing resembling either character wise or plot wise is purely co-incidental or inspired from while retaining the original plot, and not to infringe any copy rights. This is a harmless piece of writing written on a light note and does not aim at hurting anyone's sentiments and anyone is free to give their opinions at any point of time during the course of the story. So sit back and enjoy the story . I shall try my level best to make it as entertaining as possible :) Hoping for your support since that shall be my driving force :D With love 

Please do not re post without my notice and please do respect the hardwork that goes into writing by not indulging into plagiarism :) Every writer puts in their mind and soul into their stories to present the final outcome that you all enjoy reading :) Incase of taking inspiration from a plot do give credits as and when required , be it the case of any Fan Fiction! Thank you :)  And No offence intended :D
PS: I won't be giving any precaps and headings to give away anything in the story since directly reading in anticipation of what is next,without any slightest of idea is a different experience all together and since I myself never approve of precaps in shows as well :) 
Hope you all enjoy reading it.

Vaishnavi :)
cheers xoxo!

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Suhani2611 Suhani2611 Jun 20, 2017
One of tge most beautiful feelings that i read in a recent times.. this whole para was a bliss.. you brought in new elements in their story which was never fely or read before... i cant wait yo read further...
jayypika jayypika Feb 16, 2016
This was amazing! I loved it! The way you've presented it was awesome! I love youuiiiu next update asap *puppy face*
Wizxlove Wizxlove Feb 16, 2016
Kitni baar bolna padega ? Your descriptions are boo-tiful 😍
                              That purple stole thingy and the whole scene was so different from everything I've read. I haven't seen anything like this is any other FF. You sure, are nailing it. Why didn't you start writing before ? Itna wait kyu kiya ? 😍😍
Wizxlove Wizxlove Feb 15, 2016
Loveddddd it. Your language, as I've said before, is commendable. The way you described the snowfall scene is beautiful and I want to read more about the dashing MM. 😍😘 <3
adarart adarart Feb 16, 2016
You make every damn moment so dreamy and filmy! And I admire your style of writing! Keep up the good work, girl! Can't wait for their first encounter. *_*
vritikag vritikag Apr 30, 2016
goshhh!! your writing skills man!! superb..... after reading this I was just thinking how can someone have such skills...
                              I loved it seriously 😘