Project Far Reach

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glencastlewood By glencastlewood Updated 3 years ago
Edward Johnson is a man with a theory: that dolphins are intelligent! But when Edward risks it all to prove his theory he is met with skepticism and even hostility. Against all odds Edward manages to recruit a dream team, including a fugitive computer hacker, a mathematician, an ex navy seal, and the most advanced supercomputer in the world to find out the impossible. At last the truth lies just around the corner, but each discovery seems to hint at a truth more and more unsettling. It becomes a race against time for both Edward and the dolphins as the age old question of 'Are we alone?' is answered.
OMG. I usually hate present tense writing but this is good. So good.
                                    Your errors are minor :)
                                    I didn't want to be a nuisance with it and I usually avoid giving unsolicited advise.
                                    The story is coming along nicely. I'm anxious to get to the heart of it, but I love the background unfolding!
Wow. This is amazing! You're a very talented writer! I don't normally read such stories, but you sucked me in at the first sentence!
A great first chapter.  I enjoyed reading it again. I like this character of Edward Johnson. Talbot was cool, too. You know how to bring your characters to life, for sure.  Alora
This is twice now I've read this prologue. Both times it has moved me almost to tears.  You are a talented writer.  The action was super. It felt real.  You go, Glen!