Prodigy - Link & Dark Link x Reader OneShots

Prodigy - Link & Dark Link x Reader OneShots

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Crimson By crimson701 Completed

"You are my prodigy, for it is because of you, I know they are real."    

Link and Dark Link seem to always be there for you. It seems that they stand by you wherever you may go or just appear at the time you need them most. In despair or in happiness, they are always there. The thought of standing alone no longer exists for you. They are as if living miracles--true blessings. They are your prodigy. Yet, hearts that dwell in darkness or in light can never truly be tamed. 

Title says it all! It'll alternate from Link to Dark Link, or it may have them both! 

I am always open for requests! 

I try to add stories each week!

I work to make each part at least 2,000 words or longer (or now 2,500)!

Of course, I do not own any of the Zelda stuff or characters. I simply create the scenarios for you all to enjoy. I hope you will enjoy them, indeed!

A collection of tales of romance, humor, adventure, suspense, and the amazingly wonderful world of The Legend of Zelda!

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Trishinator17 Trishinator17 Jun 28, 2017
Link, are you from my country, or are you mocking it, eh? *angry Canadian mumbling*
PoetYuri PoetYuri Jun 17, 2017
Me: *Slaps*  "You don't know how to love a woman!"
                              Link: "Sorry, Ma'am!"
Acac2334 Acac2334 Jan 17
What of I want to be link
                              I don't my names Mira but still
drownedwafflez87 drownedwafflez87 Jun 25, 2017
This is the only time I will ask Elsa for help...
                              DENY DIS MARRRIIGGEE
jojodabb jojodabb Jul 31, 2017
                              LINK IMMA SLAP CHU 
                              STOP SAYING THAT ;^;
KrexKuchiki KrexKuchiki Oct 15, 2016
God! I would doYaoi(Link x Dark link) story... thank you for mentioning that!!