Insecure & Ebony

Insecure & Ebony

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noun: ebony; plural noun: ebonies

1.a very dark brown or black color.


If you have problems with explicit scenes and language or if you're easily offended I suggest you don't read. The events and characters in this story are completely fictional and has no connection with the lives of real individuals. Any similarity with real life situations is completed coincidental...ENJOY!

That is so disrespectful idc what they did it's disrespectful IN EVERY MOTHERFREAKING SITUATION
DeziXDezi DeziXDezi 2 days ago
Just got done reading a book with her 😭 She is sooo pretty 😍😍
DayLove6 DayLove6 Jul 09
Oohh girl this nigga got manners u better give him them digits 😂😂😭
Bro i Didnt Even Finish Reading All I Saw Was Saliva , Spat , and My Face . BEAT HIS ASS .
I'm confused..niggas play loud music all the time..but TUH...boogie ass
Sin4You Sin4You Jul 02