Don't Call Me Princess

Don't Call Me Princess

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(This is the rewritten version and the Hunter in this version is different from the original)


"Tell me princess, why are you so guarded?"

"First of all, don't call me princess." 


Despite her name Rosalina Flowers is no ordinary girl.

She's not the type of girl who falls easily and she's not the type of girl who backs down from a fight. Every girl wants her confidence and every boy respects her. 

You can truly say she's one of a kind.

Unlike other girls, Rosalina hates the feeling of being saved by a guy. She believes that girls are just as strong as boys and can defend themselves.

She believes that girls don't need a guy by their side to protect them. 

That's why , she hates being called Princess.

It makes her feel ... Weak

Princesses are always deceived as helpless girls who needs saving.

After they are saved by a prince they live happily ever after.

Rose doesn't want that, that is until Hunter came into her life.

Hunter King, the most feared teenager in there town. He's cold hearted and cruel. Everyone fears him, sometimes even himself.

When he first laid eyes on the girl name Rose he knew it was his job to save her, but she doesn't want to be save.

Hunter doesn't care about what Rose believes and thinks there is nothing wrong with a guy saving a girl and in this case he wants to save Rose but Rose is stubborn and will not give in.

Too bad Hunter King doesn't give up but neither does she...

Put these two destroyed teenagers together with different beliefs and you have one hell of a story.

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YES!!! Did anyone else know she is going to be in the new spider-man move?
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I'm Going To Follow you and Vote on Every Chapter just because somebody finally used her as the main character
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Am finding it so weird to read this why did u change the names
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So who's her brother,i get confused easily so idk if am gonna carry on reading...soz
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