Valiant Part One: Defiant (The Final Installment of the Valiant Series)

Valiant Part One: Defiant (The Final Installment of the Valiant Series)

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jesusfreak202 By jesusfreak202 Completed

Eious is gone. After Raylx mined what he needed, he left it behind to explode out of existence. Only now he's building something that will affect the entire dimension and all the worlds and realms within. The Chosen will be pushed to their limit. 

One of their own has turned against them. 

Several more are dead, leaving them to wonder how many more will die before this war ends. Darkness pushes north across the entire dimension, while light pushes south. The two sides will collide as the Chosen ranks are betrayed by one of their own.  

The war for the entire galaxy has just begun.

Excuse me for a second. *grabs pillow for screaming into* Okay. Let's do this!
*straps seat-belt*
                              *pulls up Emotional Shield*
                              *unsheathes Sword of Vengeance*
                              I'm ready.
Aidan... *chokes*
                              @jesusfreak202 PROMISE ME HE COMES BACK! PROMISE ME HE'LL BE RELATIVELY OKAY!
Myyythix *sobs uncontrollably* I thought it was too much to hope you had returned as well :')))
CCWinters CCWinters Feb 18
I don't know whether to be happy or sad. HE'S BACK YESSSSSS
sarsar14 sarsar14 Feb 15
I feel for everyone. I mean, this is all so... I'm gonna punch something. Something. I have no idea what those dark beasts are but they're no good. We're doomed. Doomed.