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The Ultimate Stride | Prince of Stride Fanfiction |

The Ultimate Stride | Prince of Stride Fanfiction |

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A Mere Bell Pepper By b_peppers Completed

Running. What do people usually think about when this word comes to mind?

	It's gross, sweaty, tiring, labor intensive, and just plain old boring. 

	Sure. Those are all valid adjectives, but Kyouko Johnson thinks perfectly otherwise when the idea of running slithers it's way into her pretty little head.

	Kyouko has always loved to run. To her, running was almost like a drug. When she coincidentally stumbled into the world of Stride, that was when the addiction blossomed into something even more terrifying;

	It became her solace for everything. As a girl, participating in the sport was pretty much unheard of, but that didn't stop her from chasing after her dream of one day pursuing it.

	With her spitfire attitude, unbreakable determination, and utterly absurd way of handling things, the result was obvious.

	That dream was sure to come true.


	"I want to join the Stride club."

	"Are you joking? Hônan has never had a female runner before, your request sounds unrealistic."

	"So what if I'm a girl, I have the ultimate stride."


	OC x Various :)

_Veevz _Veevz Apr 12
Omg. As soon as I watched prince of stride I was literally imagining it with a female runner. I love you❤❤
howlandkata howlandkata Apr 23
I was a gymnast I also did some karate football swimming and basketball
_Veevz _Veevz Apr 12
I do sports everyday. I get up from my bed, go downstairs to get a coffee, walk back upstairs and rest in my bed. I repeat this labor everyday. Goals, people. Goals
ReiShi0 ReiShi0 2 days ago
This is me in a nutshell. But add a few more types of martial arts in there like taekwando, aikido, judo, etc. Funny how I still manage to be very VERY lazy despite how athletic I am. XDD
My neighborhood looks like this. But, theres usually alot of people walking and talking to each. While I'm in my house, being lazy.
Me too, I just now finished it and I thought..... Hey I gonna see if they have some fan fiction on this!!! Sooooo here I am Ya'Know!!!!!