My Alpha Mate is Possessive

My Alpha Mate is Possessive

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GirlofBooks15 By GirlofBooks15 Updated Aug 12, 2015

"BYE girls" i yell as they drive away. 

i run into house and in the kitchen i see my mom.

" hey mom need any help?" I ask her in a sweet voice.

"oh no honey its fine I'm almost done go ahead and get changed." she says as she pulls out plates.

"ok" i say as i run up to the stairs. 

i change into a black mid thigh dress that I bought the last time I went shopping. It has a sweetheart neck line that makes my top half look good, ;) i put my black heels on and put my hair into a elegant pony tail to even out my sexiness to just right. 

i walk downstairs and see my mom and dad along with my brother all standing their waiting for me. My dad went to go open the door when I smelt the most mouth watering scent of rain and mint. I heard foot steps and saw a pair of hazel eyes that turned dark and I heard a deep accent say "Mate."
Alexis Scott is the alphas daughter of the Trident Pack and soon meets her powerful possessive mate Alpha Nathan Jackson who seems like he can't control himself when he's around his mate.
How will this complicated relationship turn out?

  • force
  • possessive
  • vampires
  • werewolves
  • witches
It needs a ton of editing. I would love to read it when there has been some editing done.
imfairlydolan imfairlydolan Oct 02, 2017
I read the description and clicked when I saw the word trident
deadlywest deadlywest Jul 05, 2016
"the Trident pack"
                              "the wolf pack where everybody has fresh breath: the Trident pack!!!" 
                              no disrespect intended, luv da story
SuperMegaSum SuperMegaSum May 08, 2016
All in all, 
                              Good starting of the story. Mainly just needs editing! 
sarcastic_mylanguage sarcastic_mylanguage Sep 18, 2016
this is me and my friends lmao even if it's a horrible song😂
kendellblake kendellblake Jan 15, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂 Hey! Let's go make our toes and fingernails sexy!!!😂😂😂😂😂