Very Unexpected Relationship at the Wrong Time...

Very Unexpected Relationship at the Wrong Time...

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When you live in small, typical town like Portland, Oregon, you don’t expect much. Arielle Martinez had her best friends, an annoying sister, and a single mother. Life was just a sweet time.  She got through middle school and was now living her third year of high school. Junior.  The only thing for her agenda this year is smiles, laughs, more laughs, and more memories. 

Of course, the dark-haired troubled, bad boy, Shadowfax Skywood didn’t pop in her delicate, easygoing mind. Why would it? Freshman through Sophomore they never acknowledged each other’s presence. Not even fight for the last apple pie in the cafeteria. 

But things have changed when both are thrown more and more into each other’s path, but this doesn’t bother Arielle much because she has nothing to hide, but what about Shadow? He’s not popular, but he isn’t close to a loner or at all of being ignored. 

So what is it?  What’s his secret? 

No turning back now, they’re both in deep, but will this destroy them or get them closer?

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WhatSheLivesFor WhatSheLivesFor May 30, 2011
@peculiarpianist Oh my god, thank you! Your comment made my day. :D Hope you read on! You won't regret it! :D
dawnashleybaker dawnashleybaker May 08, 2011
I like how you start off with a murder. It's a really intense start but I would like to see a little more description but otherwise it's got my attention. C: 
TheSnowborn TheSnowborn May 03, 2011
It was good, excellent while describing and very vivid, I loved it, continue!
WhatSheLivesFor WhatSheLivesFor May 02, 2011
@dakshamusance24 I'll fix that. :) Thanks a lot! Hope you stick around! :D
WhatSheLivesFor WhatSheLivesFor May 02, 2011
@GenXblogger Thanks for telling me about that and I was writing this in a rush. :) I would never want to experience a murder. Who would?
ScandalousWithAD ScandalousWithAD May 01, 2011
some the plot....promising characters....i hope i helped...voted