Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & The Bellboy

Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & The Bellboy

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Elijah Daniel By elijahdanielistrash Completed

He was a billionaire, I was a bellboy, can I make it anymore obvious? 

It all started one fateful afternoon in summer of 2012. I was working as a bellboy at the Trump Hotel in Hong Kong on an internship program. This was my first time in a big city. It was all I could have ever dreamed of, and more. But little did I know, it was all about to change.

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Please note, this story may contain mature humor that isn't suitable for all ages.

I thank my recommendations for sending me this. I can't wait to read it and then flame trump like no other.
I can't believe i didn't know Elijah wrote this when I've watched him for ages
This was in my recommended list and j do not regret a god damn thing for clicking this
Lmao Elijah !!!!!!!! What the fûck has gotten into your mind, and why am I loving it?! The fact that your wrote this brings me life holy shi
At first I didn't know you wrote n thought this was a fan page about you but then it's really fûckin you. What is life
Man, I remember when I first read this. Did not realize it was written by Elijah Daniel. 😂