Stay awake for the night (Jalex AU).

Stay awake for the night (Jalex AU).

23K Reads 858 Votes 27 Part Story
Mads? By Ptvmadi00 Completed

75K words. 
Alex is depressed and has many secrets. Jack is new but quickly climbs the social ladder. 
What will happen when these two who are more similar than they realize get close?

This story has been gutted. It is still not as good as I would like, but I hope you guys enjoy!

Trigger warnings will be posted at the beginning of the chapter.

Cover made by Enoument!!

  • abuse
  • anxiety
  • boyxboy
  • bullying
  • depression
  • harm
  • highschool
  • jalex
  • jardougall
  • kellic
  • romance
  • self
fzzchick1234 fzzchick1234 Oct 09, 2017
Jack Baraka??
                              WHAT HAVE U DONE WITH MAH JACKY
                              MAH JACK BARAKAT
                              MAH BARAKITTEN
Malzik Malzik Dec 24, 2017
Is it just me, or did anyone else think of the big, buff, white, my little pony with the cutie mark of a weight just now... Anyone... No one, okay... Just me I see 😧
WhatACatchBonnie WhatACatchBonnie Oct 24, 2017
Did you just- HOW DARE YOU ITS BARAKAT! JACK BARAKAT! God that annoys me so bad
caloriie caloriie Mar 03, 2016
I will kill your if my babe dies :))))))))))))) dont forget ik where you live :)))))))))))))))))))))))) (I SOUND SO CREEPY AHAHA ILY MADISEN)
JaviOssandon2002 JaviOssandon2002 Nov 09, 2016
Black skinny jeans are always there but wow... First Jalex fic ever when he isn't wearing a Blink or a Green Day shirt for school haha