Big girls don't cry (completed)

Big girls don't cry (completed)

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_pokemon1o_advanced By _pokemon1o_advanced Completed

Lucy and Juvia are being threatened and hurt by an evil caped figure who wants to destroy Fairy Tail. The girls must stay strong as they can't tell a soul, training non stop causing them to have no time for their family and friends in the guild. 

Join the girls on their adventure in heart break, sadness and sacrifice. 

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail but the plot is mine! Hope you all love it, so worth the read ^-^

This was inspired by the song: big girls don't cry by Fergie and a book that I was reading at the time!

  • fairytail
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  • gruvia
  • juvia
  • lucy
  • nalu
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GeekyGirl424 GeekyGirl424 May 28, 2017
Maybe if you didn't tell them about your future attack they wouldn't need to warn anyone because they wouldn't know!
ElemantalBEAST ElemantalBEAST Dec 14, 2017
                              *cue spotlight* 
                              *grabs bowl of popcorn* OK now go. I'm ready! GRUVIA it is now your time to SHINE!
sofia_ahmed13 sofia_ahmed13 Apr 26, 2016
Lucy: " don't bring me into this or my boyfriend will worry"😏
magicsunsapphire magicsunsapphire Nov 20, 2016
*outside Juvias door.*
                              Lucy: WE WERE SPARING!
                              *pushes Juvia inside*
                              *lucy salutes for no reason while laughing awkwardly*
                              Erza: Erza has no words