I Care About You... (a septiplier fan fic)

I Care About You... (a septiplier fan fic)

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It all begins with middle school, shy little Jack finally meets his new found BFF: the loud and proud Mark.

Mark was never afraid to be social, talking to everyone and knowing everyone was natural for him. Jack on the other hand, was terrified of everyone. having only a few select friends.

over the years they remain friends, always by each other's side. but with age comes crushes and heart break.

He's in 6th grade and has already found his soulmate..
                              WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE
I had beginning band as second period last school year now I'm going to the advance band.
Silverplier Silverplier May 22
I'm gonna say this straight.
                              Me: Jack of coarse he likes YOU!
                              Jack: Hazel shut-up!
                              Me: Okay mister grumpy leprechaun!
                              Jack: You are so embarrassing, Hazel.
                              Me: Ooh, shut-up yo goof!
I think it should've been the other way around because "Quiet" and Jack don't go together
Kayvary Kayvary Jun 26
I havent started middle yet. In August I'll be in 6th. I'm nervous and a awkward 11 yr old girl so *shrug*
Jack? Quite?
                              Only two possible conclusions!
                              Either they swapped personalities oorrrrr I am in the WRONG universe.