Freak Show | Multiship [C]

Freak Show | Multiship [C]

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It's showtime...

Circus AU | Multipship

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of graphic violence, vulgar language, sexual content, and other mature themes. If you are easily triggered, proceed with caution.

s12316824 s12316824 Sep 08
LITERALLY ALL OF MY PEOPLE TOGETHER!!! Manson, MIW, Ashly, Nikki, I'm just waiting for BVB and the rest of the Manson gang. Some Maniggy maybe?
I'm biting my lip so hard just so I don't blurt out something stupid that my brother's will hear.
For your information, I saw a guy taller than chris at hat topic once, try story, I looked up at him, and when he looked down at me he smiled and said hello, so I did the same and then walked away.
s12316824 s12316824 Sep 08
I just realized there is 52 chapters...well I'm useless for the rest of the day. oh well.
There needs to be a moment Manson is like "You know you can call me Bryan, right?"
Lol I just yelled "YASS CHRIS F*CK RICKY LIKE U MEAN IT!!!" And omg my family is asleep and I woke them up 
                              I'm a big Cricky fan ❤️😂😭