Seeing Smoak | ✔ [Editing]

Seeing Smoak | ✔ [Editing]

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♡Kayla♡ By mik-hale-vatore Completed

Allison Smoak is Felicity's twin sister. She ran away when she was 14 and Felicity hasn't seen or heard from her since.

What happens when 21 year old Allison returns home to Starling City and starts falling for Oliver Queen...again? What happens when Felicity's secrets get revealed? 

Are both Smoak sisters falling for Oliver Queen?

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[Oliver Queen × OC]
[Season 2]

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Malcolm makes me sad, because he is played by John Barrowman, and John Barrowman played Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who, and Jack was really nice.
Well her and Oliver already have one thing in common : Jealousy
My name is *disney channel star* and that's just that's just who I am