A Beacon Hills Reunion-STYDIA AU

A Beacon Hills Reunion-STYDIA AU

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Rose :) By stydia524 Completed

Stiles, Lydia and the rest of the pack have gone their separate ways since they graduated from high school.  Ten years after they have graduated they get invitations to their high school reunion.  How different will their lives be when they all end up in the same place?  After all, some of them don't even live there anymore.  

Ten years later...
Stiles has just finished filing his divorce papers while Lydia has been keeping busy with her roommates in New York after losing her husband.

What is the pack's lives like ten years later?  
What will happen when Stiles and Lydia see each other again?
Will they confess their feelings for one another after all this time?

You will have to find out by reading the story.
Enjoy at your own risk! :)

This AU focuses on mainly Stydia but also contains Allisaac, Scira, Layden, Dethan, Berica, Morey, Draeden, and Maltheo.

With brief mentions of Marrish, Stalia, Scallison, Aidia, Jydia, Jalia, and Coden, and Stereica.

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This should not be the point but I'm laughing at the fact that she still calls him Parrish
Isaac will NEVER stop wearing scarves even when it is "like 60 degrees outside"
I know you wrote this before but he's also now gay
                              (Sorry if this is a spoiler)
Omlomlomlll im so happy.. ok im telling the truth...i want to be a forensic scientist when i get older..im not lying..ive wanted to be one for like 3 yeats already...ahhhh i love this AU even more now
I might have a solution. Step : Go to Beacon Hills. Step 2: Find Stiles. Step 3: Get married. Step 4: Have kids
New story: Our Heroic Protagonist Stiles and His Brilliant Lydia (Stydia)