The lesbian virgin lessons ➢ (girlxgirl)

The lesbian virgin lessons ➢ (girlxgirl)

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"Virgin?" She asked with a smug smirk on her face knowing the answer.

I blushed, but nodded.

"Mhm, and how is such a beautiful girl like you... A virgin?" She questions looking me up and down,

"I don't know how to have ya'know, - sex" I told her

"Oh - ahh, yeah I see, well have you ever been touched before.. By a girl?" She asked staring right into me, her eyes changed.. Darker? 

She might've moved closer, but I couldn't tell, I was in a daze, but I let out a stutter "N-no"

"Mmmm, well. Has a guy ever touched you -" she moved closer to me and put her hand on my shoulder, and slowly slid her fingers to my chest, "Here?" She smirked as she firmly cupped my right breast. 

I gasped, I was scared yet felt  safe.

"So?" She asked waiting for my answer and removed her hand, but slid it back up my neck keeping it there.

"N-n-no. No o-one has ever t-touched m-me" I told her.

She smirked, and took her hand away. 

"Well, this shall be fun.. Ayy?" She chuckled with an evil smirk.

What happens when just messing around and playing games but things turn upside down? Will they catch feelings for each other? Or will they leave it as lessons? Things could go wrong..


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Enjoy!! :)

Its a bit weird coz I couldn't identify if carter is a girl or a boy
Lucky, at least u don't have a stutter all the damn time like me
cammy-cole cammy-cole Jul 26
👍 I can see your trying keep getting better just start reading
Is Carter a boy or a girl because its saying both she and he