lights out » d.h [slow updates]

lights out » d.h [slow updates]

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cass ☆彡 By dumbpickle Updated Feb 25

"Are you the devil?" 

"If you aren't a monster, then what are you? What can possibly be worse?"

"A mad man."

A Dan Howell fanfic.
Warning Triggers: explicit language, sexual content, mental institutions, mental illnesses, drug use, gore. Mature content, some might find offensive.

- Enjoy. ~

(Amazing cover by cliquot on Wattpad!)

sphinx1 sphinx1 May 18
Did I stumble into a cult gathering or is there something I'm missing
Twenty Øne Pilots were are you because I need your music to calm me down because I'm stressed out from working.
am i the only other person that read that like joey graceffa opening toys or some s.hit
Welcome to the Black Parade
                              *Strikes G note*
                              WEN I WAZ A YUNG BOI
im reading it in a little boi voice too its way too cute and i imagine fil as a little chibi person ugH TOO CUTE
As soon as I saw these words I'm like, damn it. All of them are going to be TØP😂