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Naruto Fanfic Cliche's That Need To Stop

Naruto Fanfic Cliche's That Need To Stop

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teamleobaby By teamleobaby Completed

Stop. Seriously, just stop with all these cliche's. 
Don't write these please. I beg of you, stop all of the repition.
All of these entries are my personal opinions. I'm not forcing them on you. If you don't agree with them then stop reading this. Don't send me hate if our opinions are different. Please keep any negativity OFF of this book altogether. Everyone has opinions and I understand that, but this book is about MY opinion on things I find cliché about Naruto fanfics. You disagree, alrighty, stop reading it. You don't need to tell me that "I'm wrong" or that you disagree in the comments. 

I will delete negative and disagreeing comments. It's not as a rude gesture or me saying your opinion doesn't matter. It's me doing what's best for myself mentally.
That is all!

Maybe... Actually, after a couple weeks or months after I post this, comment something like 'Yo, idiot, hurry up.'
lol im going to make a story thats kinda like the neglected ones but no neglected thingies. just naruto growing up with his parents
ShoyuBee ShoyuBee 5 days ago
...and for whatever reason they aren't strong or cunning enough to save themselves -_-
Oh, the old Kushina-and-Minato-miraculously-survived-but-they-neglect-Naruto-and-spoil-his-siblings-while-Naruto-befriends-the-Kyuubi-and-becomes-a-serious- cold-hearted-and-badass-ANBU.
YurioIsSoCute YurioIsSoCute 5 days ago
Yeah, they died for him. So magically they won't have a change of heart a few years later and won't sacrifice themselfs if they were ready to do so on tha day of the attack
ShoyuBee ShoyuBee 5 days ago
I think this deserves a pass as well. It's not his parents because they wouldn't really act like that, but I think that the characters that were close with Minato and Kushina should've known right off the bat that the fakes weren't really Naruto's parents.