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Never Knew I Needed (A Niall Horan love story... or is it?) (finally finished)

Never Knew I Needed (A Niall Horan love story... or is it?) (finally finished)

71.3K Reads 1.7K Votes 26 Part Story
Future Mrs. Nicole Horan By 1Dluvahgirl1188 Completed

Malory Calloway is a normal 18 year old blond girl who moved in with her best friend Louis Tomlinson and the members of his boy band. Malory has a huge crush on Harry, and HATES Niall, and Niall hates her back as well. After a while Louis and the band go on tour, and Malory tags along. At one of the suites they stay in, Malory and Niall get stuck in an elevator. All of a sudden some things happen between Malory and Niall, but the two keep it a secret. When the two are around other people they act like they used to, but Niall is getting tired of it. What will happen to the secret couple? Will Niall decide to confess or will Niall decide that it wasn't meant to be.

MidnightChaos12 MidnightChaos12 Feb 17, 2016
This is awesome!  I was looking for a love/hate Niall Horan book and I love when they get stuck together somehow! Also, then they keep pretending to hate eachother!
Harotenice Harotenice Jul 11, 2016
HAHAHA! Omg. Omg. I'm dying!!! Omg!! "A gay leprechaun who eats all day."
SarahTheSmartAss SarahTheSmartAss Jan 15, 2016
Ah man hes gay :( Zbitch u fûcking call- right fan fic fan fic JUST A STORY
1Dluvahgirl1188 1Dluvahgirl1188 Jul 03, 2013
@happyhippos2394 no offense but u sure like to comment on my stories a lot dont u Claire bear! :P