Guided By A Star

Guided By A Star

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└|゜ε゜|┐ By OtterlyOriginal Updated Oct 16, 2016

All is fine in the zodiacs world. They're sticking to the status quo. The Brainiac are getting their straight As, The jocks will be going to state at this rate, and all the popular people are doing...what ever popular people do. Everything was going perfectly, that is until a new kid came along.

With all twelve finally together things start to change for these seniors, and there life will never be the same again.

A Zodiac Story

LittleMoonstones LittleMoonstones Sep 19, 2016
                              *sees that I'm the only girl water sign* ............Eh, HEY I LOOK GOOD! XD
shiitake_chan shiitake_chan Sep 17, 2016
HER MER GERD PISCES IS AKISE (Future Diary) OH MY DEUS IM FREAKING OUT AKISE IS BAE. And for once, the Scorpio looks like meeee but a guy. Also, cats are the best thing since everything.
xxKStyle101xx xxKStyle101xx Oct 04, 2016
Wow. Virgo and Pisces r besties even tho they opposites. Hmmmm lets see how this plays out
RainbowAnimeCupcake RainbowAnimeCupcake Dec 19, 2016
Sagittarius perfectly describes me I´m the most childish x immature from my class even though I´m not a boy
WalrusKing98 WalrusKing98 Oct 16, 2016
Omg the science and space thing is literally me etc are you psychic?!?!