As The Days Go By... (An Aarmau Fanfic Book One)[COMPLETED]

As The Days Go By... (An Aarmau Fanfic Book One)[COMPLETED]

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Aphmau and Aaron have been getting close for a while now and they both have started to develop feeling for each other. But when Aaron's ex returns to the neighbourhood from living in France, Aaron and Aphmau will have a big problem to face. Will their love be enough to stay together or will they fall forever?

Hey everyone! This is my first fanfic I've created. I truly hope that you will enjoy! Thanks! Peace!

Thank you @lightgiver for making me this beautiful book cover.

Start: February 18, 2016
Finished: July 8, 2016

MalleryS0829 MalleryS0829 Apr 11, 2016
Wait when it said ex girlfriend Lilith I was like WTF bc in MCD Lilith is Aaron's And Aphmau's daughter and I know this is just a fanfic but Like WTF
jelsa3213 jelsa3213 Dec 05, 2016
Shoot. Why. No. Why. Why. Aaron. Why. No. Why. 
WolfGirlKK13 WolfGirlKK13 Jun 05, 2016
a nice cup of jasmine tea any Avatar the last airbender reference there?
*Drinks root beer and pretends to be drunk* NO NO NO NO YOU DONT DESERVE H NO NO.NO NO....*Passes out*
Kittybunny9 Kittybunny9 Feb 27
Correction Katelyn just so you plus I love your story 😸😻😸😻
ResogiHeart30 ResogiHeart30 Apr 12, 2016
I think you should do some spacing there. Just givin u a heads up!!