And Suddenly You Were My Everything || DDLG Story ((REWRITTEN)) [ON HOLD]

And Suddenly You Were My Everything || DDLG Story ((REWRITTEN)) [ON HOLD]

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"Baby girl, look at me." Harry growls lowly, pressing his hands harder onto my hips, trying to calm his rage.
I slowly drag my eyes up, to his lips, then his nose, and finally to his eyes.

"I will always be here for you. You have to believe me, Amelia." He whispers, moving his head to hold my gaze strongly.

"Okay.." I whisper back, looking into his warm green eyes.

"Okay," he agrees, "trust me, alright? I promise we will never go faster or slower than you need to go." He says and I nod, pulling him towards me once again. 

I crush my lips to his and he pulls my waist towards him, roughly squeezing my bum. I gasp at the contact and he takes that chance to slip his warm tongue into my mouth, both of us try and fight for dominance but he obviously won.


I forgot the feeling of care.

He forgot the feeling of love.

That, we shared together.

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How does she know what bra she’s wearing
                              are they gay buddies
anyothertumblrgirl anyothertumblrgirl Oct 13, 2017
What happened to the popcorn? Did you guys seriously forget about the popcorn? Dude with?
then her mate walks up and wonders why he was chosen for her ahAA-
wolfieloveswerewolfs wolfieloveswerewolfs Dec 26, 2017
Sponge bob went on a Greek hell be back after this quick laughters
DarkNight272 DarkNight272 Jun 30, 2017
But what about he mate?? What if Jason doesn't want to go? (If that's his name I can't remember)
I don't get the commotion over spongbob, probably cause my parents never let me watch it