Shapeshifters: Silverscale

Shapeshifters: Silverscale

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Riley By ishouldwritethatdown Updated Dec 05, 2016


Spoiler alert: Not dead (yet).

After spending a lovely vacation away from home for a year, I decided to drop in and say hello to my family, in which no one is dead and everyone is happy and there is especially not a wannabe God trying to kill us all.

Reality be damned. Let's live in a fantasy until we all inevitably die.

Three armies and a little assistance from the actual, literal Grim Reaper but we still have no idea whether we can win. Now that's what I call an overpowered boss battle.

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Raynbo7789 Raynbo7789 May 31, 2016
I'm so ready to read this. I've been waiting for what feels like forever!
DarkWolfish13 DarkWolfish13 Oct 23, 2016
I discovered this series four days ago, that's like one book a day!
ElowenAbernathy ElowenAbernathy Jun 17, 2016
I'm trying to read this slowly as possible so It doesn't end so quickly
SeaDragoness SeaDragoness Aug 05, 2016
how does any this make sense? She was battling the Oracle, then we rewind a year..? And now this? I'm not sure I like this book, the others where better...
kittynightcore kittynightcore Sep 21, 2016
Yay!!!! She's back!!! But why did you get rid of Latin :(   He didn't need to die :(